Where have all the designers gone?

Just 4 years ago Designer News was the premier community for product designers. Lots of active members and good discussion about design as a whole. It was a place to learn new things and get feedback about your work.

But where have all the designers gone?

I logged on out of curiosity today and the place is a ghost town. Stories and stories with 1 or 2 upvotes on the front page.

The first story with a comment is some guy spamming his how to delete your Paypal account article. It’s fine to share your stuff, but that’s not remotely related to design.

I remember when Designer News used to do meetups. I was asked to host the DN FM podcast at the Atlanta meetup. It’s sad to see what was once a vibrant community slowly disappear.

Where has everyone gone—Spectrum, Twitter, somewhere else?

Oh man, I forgot about pixel portraits! The higher your karma the more colors you’d unlock. Also, some colors—like orange—were only available to those who were members before open registration.

It was such a fantastic community.